Monday, May 29, 2017

Rashid & Mukisa Celebrate Ramadan

A couple days ago, on the first day of Ramadan, our good friend Rashid, who happens to be Muslim, came by to take out Mukisa for the day. Rashid is in his early 20s, just graduated university, and loves Mukisa as much as Mukisa loves him.

"Where are you taking him?" I asked.

"Just to hang out," Rashid replied. "Acacia Mall, see some friends. That kind of thing."

Mukisa said, "Eeeeeeee," clapped his hands and drooled excitedly.

We gave Rashid some Muki supplies -- milk, yogurt, clean diapers -- and off they went.

Rashid has a way with young kids and he and Mukisa have been friends ever since Mukisa landed on this planet -- about 10 months ago. They departed at 11:30 and returned home around 5:30. They had a great time, Rashid reported. Muki got chips (French fries) at Cafeserrie, though Rashid didn't partake, it being Ramadan. This is the second time Rashid has taken out Mukisa for most of a day and Muki always returns glowing and laughing. I held Muki on our balcony as Rashid departed. Mukisa watched him and squealed and screamed and did his version of a wave. Rashid waved back, then slipped out the gate.

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